Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Bad news: 
1. Caleb and I aren't together anymore. I told him I wasn't feeling the same way about him as I once had, and that people grow and change and find out more about themselves and what they want in someone else... I know I tore his heart apart, but I'm glad that we're still able to be friends.
2. My mom and step-dad bought a house in Richmond. They'll be moving in within the next month. Until then, our house in Lowell will sit emptily until someone makes an offer on it.
3. My cat Checkers has oral cancer and only has a few months to live, according to the vet. I'd rather not talk anymore about this though.

Good news:
1. I got accepted into Appalachian State University! Aaaaand, I got into the honors program.  I actually did a little dance when I got the letter in the mail.
2. I love psychology.  I'm taking it at school because Gaston College was offering it, and I love love love every minute of it.  The teacher, the material, everything.
3. I'm graduating high school in less than 80 days.  It's so hard to believe, but I am so ready for it.
4. I'm learning to live life to the fullest and forgive anyone that would hold me back from doing so.  My friends mean so much to me, and I appreciate every second that I get to spend with them.

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