Monday, August 11, 2008


I just got back from our beach trip to the Outer Banks a few days ago. I went with my dad, my brother Donovan, & my bff Morgan. It was absolutely fantastic!

The 8-hour ride over there was definitely boring, but the last half of it was more bearable; Donovan, Morgan, and I watched Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure on his laptop. (If you haven't seen that movie yet, I highly suggest you go find it and WATCH IT NOW!) And by the time we got finished watching it, we could see the ocean. Since we didn't take a ferry to get there, we just drove all the way down the Outer Banks to this little town called Frisco (right outside of Hatteras), where we had rented a house for the week. The house was called "Fin & Tonic." Haha.

The first few days, we all went out on the beach for boogie boarding. Our little house was only about 4 lots back from the ocean, so we didn't have to drive anywhere. Except when Daddy & Dono wanted to go to the Hatteras beach to catch waves (they're die-hard boogie board fanatics). Me & Morgan usually slept till 9 or 10 everyday while they went out. (We're die-hard sleeping late fanatics). On Wednesday, we walked out on the pier, and I dropped my chapstick in the ocean. Talk about total heartbreak.

On Thursday night, me & Morg took a walk on the beach at night, where we met two guys named Jusin Vanstaalduinen & Will Miedema. They were cousins down there with their family, who apparently takes trips to the Outer Banks every summer. This was going to be one of the last few weeks they had of freedom before they started their first year of college (Will at Michigan State, Justin at ECU). So we hung out with them for a while, caught some white crabs (which were EVERYWHERE; I think I ended up accidentally stepping on 3 of them), and headed back to the house.

Friday, we ate at a place called the Gingerbread House. Ironically enough, their main food was pizza. But it was good pizza, so I'm not complaining. Friday night consisted of packing and cleaning, and so did Saturday morning. Check-out was at 9:00. I slept most of the ride back, waking only to eat and drive. But all in all, it was a really great, relaxing vacation, and I'm sure me & Morgan will never forget it.