Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We're on Christmas break. Thank God.

College applications & scholarships are done. I want to go to Appalachian and major in Arts Management. I want to own my own art gallery one day. I'm excited about my future. But I don't want to leave my friends. I don't the only communication we have to be through Christmas cards that are sent once a year. I want to move in with my friends and I want us to all grow up together and have fun. But that's not what reality tells me. Reality tells me that we're never going to see each other again after high school.

I think I want a different life than the one I have now. I want to be free to do what I want, whenever I want to. I don't want anything holding me back from being who I want to be. John Mayer said that gravity is working against me. But I suppose it's wanting more that's going to send me to my knees. I'm ready to grow up. I'm ready for liberty.

I just want to fast-forward my life to five years from now, so that I'll be out of college and hopefully in a steady job. But then again, there are just too many uncertainties to know what I'll want and who I'll be five, ten, twenty years down the road. I guess I'm expecting too much from myself. I know I'm not going to live with my friends when I grow up. I'll probably wind up in some one bedroom apartment out in the middle of some city, surrounded by strange sights and sounds and smells and people. I want to have fun and be free while I'm still young.

But I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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